4.3.4 Energy

For this exercise ,  I chose to draw with green and purple Liquitex ink with a brush, to allow for spontaneous sweeping marks that convey a sense of energy and movement. I also like that the ink doesn’t allow any erasing.

I was drawing quickly and just focusing on the movement of the whole figure, no details, changing between the different poses quickly too to keep quick flowing energy to my work as well. All A3 format:


The drawings are of various success, but I think they all do convey a sense of energy. I am also content with how I managed to fill the A3 sheets as I otherwise often have the issue to make the figures too small and not use the entire sheet.

Here I experimented with drawing in black ink on a watercolour paper that I had covered with water, similar to the Antony Gormley experiment in the Sketchbook section:


I like the uncontrolled element of the bleeding ink. I think these drawings express movement and energy too. I will continue to explore drawing with ink on wet paper, it is something that really sparks my imagination.

This is a more finished drawing in Conte sticks, on A2. I believe the pose expresses energy well, but the smooth smudged pastels do not.


I think the marks very more “Energy” before I smudged them and you can still see that it is a quick drawing:




4.3.3 Stance

For this exercise on line of balance or centre of gravity in the standing figure, I started drawing from figures online again ( Croquis Cafe online library). I drew the whole figures and tried to cover many various poses, without detail.

Some quick studies of the male figure with line of gravity:


Female figures, focusing on stance and gravity:


More male figures, filling out the anatomy a little:


And more female figures:


I had to use a rather impressive amount of convincing and blackmailing my partner into posing for me, and I think what finally did the trick was some mild jealousy for this last very handsome nude online pictures I was drawing from:


So here we have Andre live, alternating 5 minutes and 2 minutes:


The first 5 minutes leaning on the wall demonstrating how reluctantly he is part of this, and then realizing that it is great fun and starting to have fun with acting and even kept a 2 minute handstand (his idea)!


It is much more difficult but so much more rewarding to draw a live model.

As with my daughter before, we discovered that it is also great fun and creates a different bonding moment. At the end of this short session Andre suggested that we do some poses every day the 10 days we have together this time around- to follow the progress!  I love the idea of course!

4.3.2 Essential elements

For this exercise, I had to find some models online  ( Croquis Cafe) as I did not have access to a live model at the moment. I drew six different drawings of 10 minutes each exploring some different media , focusing on the whole of the figure and not details, emphasizing the three-dimensionality of the figure.

The first one is a simple graphite drawing in my A4 sketchbook:


It is far from perfect, but I think the dynamics of the pose are clear and the proportions ok, just the back leg a tad short…

For the second drawing in my A4 sketchbook I chose turquoise ink with a pen:


I really like the butt and the back, but the arms are too square.

I need to practice drawing larger formats, so for the third drawing I change to A2 and draw with conte sticks on a black paper:


This is definitely my favorite drawing of this exercise. I think it has atmosphere and fluidity without getting too lost in detail. I loved drawing with the Conte sticks- so quick and light. I also think drawing with these sticks let me avoid being too focused on the outline and more on the tones.

For the next drawing I decided to try the Conte sticks on a white A2 sheet:


I still like how the sticks make me draw more surface than line, but the proportions are off here, the back too square and the legs too short.

I decided to try another black A2 with Conte sticks as I felt very encouraged by the last one.


I still really like the effect of the sticks on the black paper and am quite content with the legs and trunk, but the skinny arms and head sabotage the all over effect.

For the last of the six drawings , I try coloured pencils in my black A4 sketchbook:


I like the playfulness of the colors and although the proportions are not perfect, I think  you can get a good feel for the pose. Here there is a clear movement of the right arm away from the central axis.

I have discovered that I really enjoy drawing on black paper and will explore the coloured pencils on black more. As for proportions: practice, practice, practice….

Adding one more drawing- coloured pencils and Conte sticks on A2 black paper:


This drawing probably took quite a lot longer than the 10 minutes. I think it has a sense of three dimensionality that works well, and that the proportions are rather accurate as well.