Back to Life drawing at Pranotos Gallery

Today I went back to a life drawing class at Pranoto’s Gallery in Ubud.

I have spent months studying the human figure for Part 4, so I was very disappointed in my first 5 minute drawings:

But I realized I need time to warm up and was much more happy with the following 20 minute drawings:

And the final 2 times 20 minutes of the same pose:


I realized I have learned a lot about proportions and feel more confident. In this last drawing I believe I captured both the pose and the expression. What I need to consider more and work on is cropping and finding a more interesting approach. Here I was still just focused on “getting it right”.

Second life drawing class today for this new part of the course.  Today’s model looked like a photo model and posed like in a fashion show. She had an unusually long elegant neck, accentuated by her short hairstyle. (To be honest I would love to draw a less image perfect woman, that feels confident in her body anyway, with some fat and wrinkles and everyday poses..)

Today I was in a better flow and found it much easier to draw the right proportions . I realized that I have learned a lot during this course! Again, I focused entirely on “getting it right” again, not cropping interestingly. I guess it really felt like that is what I want to get out of going there- being able to draw the human proportions correctly and fast.

I used only colored pencils (Caran D’Ache) , these are 5 minute poses:


10 minute poses with slight cropping

A single 20 minute pose:


Here I really struggled again and picked up my eraser although I really had intended to NOT use it. It was a frustrating drawing and looks like it too…

The final 3 times 20 min the same pose:


I am happy with this last drawing. I think the different colours work here, the pose and proportions are ok. I like that I kept the cushion just lightly outlined.

All in all I felt much more relaxed and in control than last time. I see that the gesture drawing exercises are giving some results, so that is definitely something to continue .

Third life drawing class for this part of the course today. I really really liked the model who was choosing really original and interesting poses, instead of looking like a top model on a cat walk.

I struggled with the first 5 minute poses though- there seems to be like a necessary messing up of the first trials before getting into the flow.

I was much more happy with the following ones:

Then the first 20 minute pose- with a bean bag:


The last 2 times 20 minute the same pose. Today I made a point of cropping some of the poses and not always draw the whole figure:


I am happy with this drawing. The face worked well and the rest of the upper body. I like that I stopped on time for the legs.

I had a little more time , so tried the same pose in pink Uniball pen:


I like the scribbly effect and the color, the pose works as well. Here I chose to crop the arm as well which maybe looks a little creepy. I could have chosen a slightly different angle to let the arm be cropped more naturally.

I realize how much I am learning from these lifedrawing classes! This was my last one here as I am  moving countries next week and will have to find a new one there. Hopefully an exciting way to connect to a community of local artists.



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