Sketchbook pages 4, more

Pencildrawing on A2, my torso:


I am not very happy with this drawing, the pose is stiff and the skin got too dark.

Coloured pencils on A2:


I like this second version much better- the perspective is more interesting and the colour adds some life.

Experiment inspired by Richard Hambleton‘s shadow figures:

Here I experiment on A3, with black ink, trying out the moving figure with quick rough brushstrokes:

I really didn’t expect this would be as difficult as it was. First of all it is not as quick as it looks.  Very few of the figures look good and they all got too skinny. I really have to learn to draw fatter, I just realized that is another pattern. I think one little circumstance that limited me is the tiny tidy space in my partner’s bedroom I am working in now. I managed to splatter red ink on the walls for the X ray pictures I posted in the last Sketchbook section, so I am super careful now. It is probably just a bad excuse, but it does feel limiting to have to be careful.

I drew the two last pictures, A4 in womb like ovals, and they are the part of the experiment that I like the most- the contrast between the wild movement and the womb.

Frustration, oil pastel A4:


More oil pastel on black A4


Limbs A4

Blue day, A3 , colour pencil:


Oil pastels in black A4 sketchbook:


More oil pastels on black A4:


An experiment inspired by Egon Schiele after writing about his work in the research section:


I really admire the work of Egon Schiele, and this is nothing even remotely similar… but I really enjoy exploring artists by drawing inspired by their work.

Andre on black A4, oil pastel

IMG_7373 (1)

A4 colored pencils:




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