6.2 Self- portrait

Never would I have guessed that it could be so much fun drawing self- portraits! This was definitely an exercise I dreaded and of course I went through the first moments of thinking how badly I need a haircut and how many wrinkles there are before I got caught up in trying out all these different approaches.

First some quick sketches in the A4 sketchbook:


Here I look like my dad..


getting closer:


More loose and scribbled:


I am really happy with this last quick A4 sketch! It looks like me, it feels proportionate and I managed to stop in time, leaving the right amount of drawing loose and unfinished!

Now I shifted for an A3 format and colored pencils:


I like the pose with the back turned to the viewer, but it was challenging to draw looking back over the shoulder in the mirror. I like the whole, but spoiled it with those crazy intense eyes.

Also I always listen to music while sketching, but I will have to take off my headphones for  a version or two of this subject…

Pencil 6B on A3:


I like that it is not overly detailed . The proportions are not great. I tried to repeat the quick spontaneous version above in my sketchbook, but it didn’t work out as well.


A3, colored pencils:


This purple drawing is definitely my favourite. It is similar to me, although I don’t know why I look so sad, because I definitely had a lot of fun drawing and felt happy.

The pose works well and I like that the body isn’t detailed.

Now I tried drawing with Conte sticks on A3:


Here I started inspired by Giacometti with the circles around the eyes, but then lost track. I have to take another look at his portraits.

Another Conte stick drawing on A3:


Here I like the play between the smudged areas and the scribbled ones. The hand is too small, but the general expression of the face work.

Oil pastels on A3:


This looks like a cute girl and I like the pose, but it is definitely not me..

Another trial with oil pastels on A3:


I had a very yellow light shining in my face and found this contrast between the yellow light and the blue shadows interesting.

It has been really fun experimenting with self portraits, but now I am backtracking again to learn more about proportion and how to sketch the individual features.









5 thoughts on “6.2 Self- portrait

  1. I also dread this exercise, remember how horrible it was from school… I don’t know how you look but you have definitely succeeded to caught the same feature in every drawing (I mean in a positive way, not sure how to explain it in English), you see the same person in every drawing. That is something I find very difficult, great work Clara!

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