4.5.1 Single moving figure

Ironically I have arrived at “the moving figure” at a time when I am forced to move little. I have practiced a daily dynamic yoga practice for more than a decade and it is something I miss dearly right now. But maybe remaining in the eye of stillness will give me a new perspective on all the movement around me.

Before trying out sketching real passersby, I first want to learn to draw quicker by practicing with the online resource line-of -action with 60 s intervals

Moving figures in A4 sketchbook:

Running , oil pastel A4


Walking, from online pictures


Moving, A4 sketchbook


Quicker figure drawing in ink, from “line -of -action”:

So it is time to dare outside and observe live models!

Children playing , passers by observed from a bench, blue ink on A4:



Easter weekend and sunny beach days. I realize it is much easier to observe people on the beach than on the street. It seems to be a zone where everyone is more relaxed and feel protected in the little area they stake out for themselves and their friends or family.





Street glimpses:



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