Sketchbook pages 4 continued

After a short stop over in London, I am sketching on a London- Lisbon flight:

Sandwichbox mermaid:


Andre reading ( I was playing around with some kids stamps on the background first, A4)


I practice yoga every day, and wanted to explore some yogaposes through drawing. I chose to start with Kapotasana- a deep backbend that brings out a lot of fear and other deeply stored emotions.

I started by a drawing in watercolors on A3:


This all got too cute and boring. So then I cut out the figure.


And pasted it on a newspaper, adding ink.


This is a second attempt at the pose, in ink and watercolor on A3, it got rather creepy. Although I did not plan it this time it reminds me of Tracey Emin’s paintings.


I then chose colored pencils on a black A4 page.


This is going into the pose and I am very happy with the pose itself here, even if the drawing is not so interesting.

On this larger A2 drawing on black with white Conte sticks and gold pen, I focused on the feeling rising from my chest.


I got caught up in the intricate patterns of the golden details instead of focusing on the whole composition. I think this would have worked better if the figure and the “fearbird” were in more different sizes, the figure tiny for example and the huge bird rising.

After our first fun sketching session together, my partner Andre offered to pose for me just two times 5 minutes every day for the next few days we will spend together, to monitor a hopefully quick progress.

So this is day 1– two ( strictly!) 5 minute sketches with pencil on A4:

The back view is too square and the proportions “off”, but the front view works better. Lots of room for progress though, so I am curious how this experiment will go.

Day 2:

I am obviously a little disappointed that day 2 is getting worse, not better 😦 especially the back view is disappointing. Will take a look at some back views online too.

Third attempt ( we let a few days slide past there..)


5 minutes is a very short time, but I think the proportions are really better and the stance is clear.

Again I really struggled with the back view. I took some pictures to extend my (strictly!) 5 minute window… but I am struggling to get this right even from the picture. There is something about those sloping shoulders that is really tricky.

Here I was trying to smear the ink with a sponge to create a sense of speed:

It got kind of brown and messy, but there is something interesting to explore further with the speedlines..

And I finally got around to experimenting with bleach and ink , first creating backgrounds and then continuing playing with inks and bleach.


Free falling:


I think I didn’t dilute the bleach enough… The drawings are suspiciously smelling of  public swimming pool and are probably short lived. But definitely something I need to explore more too.

Andre reading on a very small sofa, A4 pencil:


Andre crosslegged in a chair:


Breast, colored pencils in black sketchbook A4


Breast blue ink on A4


Breast coloured pencils in white sketchbook A4


A3, hand with watercolour graphite:


A3, Hand on legs, blue ink:


A3 Torso, watercolor graphite, helplessness:


A3 Blue ink, breasts:


A3 red torso, watercolor graphite:


A3, view from top, graphite on white:


Prayer, watercolor A4:


Isa visiting and sketching Baba the dog while I am sketching her A3, Conte sticks:


For my research of “underlying structure of the body”, I came across several artists drawing/painting on XRays and tried that out here too:

Coloured pencils on printed XRay:

Acrylics on Xray


Acrylics on Xray


Uniball black pen and red ink on printed XRay









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