4.3.3 Stance

For this exercise on line of balance or centre of gravity in the standing figure, I started drawing from figures online again ( Croquis Cafe online library). I drew the whole figures and tried to cover many various poses, without detail.

Some quick studies of the male figure with line of gravity:


Female figures, focusing on stance and gravity:


More male figures, filling out the anatomy a little:


And more female figures:


I had to use a rather impressive amount of convincing and blackmailing my partner into posing for me, and I think what finally did the trick was some mild jealousy for this last very handsome nude online pictures I was drawing from:


So here we have Andre live, alternating 5 minutes and 2 minutes:


The first 5 minutes leaning on the wall demonstrating how reluctantly he is part of this, and then realizing that it is great fun and starting to have fun with acting and even kept a 2 minute handstand (his idea)!


It is much more difficult but so much more rewarding to draw a live model.

As with my daughter before, we discovered that it is also great fun and creates a different bonding moment. At the end of this short session Andre suggested that we do some poses every day the 10 days we have together this time around- to follow the progress!  I love the idea of course!


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