4.3.1 Form- basic shapes

This chapter invites us to think of simple basic shapes to construct the three- dimensional figure.

I tried this out in some different poses , observing Ria and Daniel at home:

This does not come very easily to me- using the “coiltechnique” seems more spontaneous and I grasp the depth of the figure better. But I still felt that I could make the shape of the poses clear here.

Exercise 1– my  model at a slight angle in a chair. I immediately feel panic as I don’t know how to draw a chair to start with.

I choose coloured pencils on A2 paper but fit several figures on the same sheet, so in the end they are small anyway.


Basic shapes:

Fleshed out:


I am not very happy with these drawings,  it is all stiff and skinny, I don’t feel that the simple shapes help, it rather makes me look less at the figure.

This is a longer study on A4, around 45 minutes.  Here in Asia we are used to sitting crosslegged and I just realized almost all the drawn figures in my sketchbook are crosslegged. But here I ask Ria to let her legs down on the floor.


Here i started by blocking in the simple shapes in yellow, then added lines in orange and shading in pink. I am really happy with the luminous effect of the three colours and even with the figure- this is far from perfect but definitely the best figure on a chair that I have drawn.


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