4.2.1 Proportion- quick studies

For this exercise I will draw Tom in a comfortable position- watching a movie on the sofa. Tom is wearing a rather baggy pyjamas, so this is still tying in to the previous exercise with cloth and form.

I start by sketching some (rather) quick studies of different poses:


These “quick” studies still definitely take a lot longer than the allotted 2 minutes each, so I start using a timer for these next quick sketches- 5 times the same pose, 2 minutes each:


2 minutes is a VERY short time, the first one took 4 minutes and the others where I restricted myself to 2 are all unfinished, even for quick rough studies.

This is the 10 minute version (well, 13 min ):


I followed the instruction to draw from the middle of the body, which probably made the proportions somewhat more realistic. My natural impulse is always to start by the head and then sometimes not fit the figure on the page. I am still much too focused on the outlines and don’t draw light enough.

Here I repeat the exercise with my daughter Ria lying on the bed.


Here I kept strictly to the 2 minute limit and focused entirely on the general shape. This works better than the drawings with Tom.


The first 10 minute version. I caught something very similar to Ria in the expression, but all the limbs are too straight and tight so the whole figure just looks stiff.

Second 10 minute version:


Here I started with doodles instead of lines , and I think it helped to soften a little and make the figure more alive. There is still something off with the position though, and the head is a little too small.

Now I draw my brother Daniel sitting crosslegged playing the guitaralele- a travelguitar the size of an ukulele:


All these are 2 minutes, so I have learnt to draw quicker, even if the proportions are often off.

Here are the two ten minute versions:


They are still stiff and not light enough. I want to draw lighter and more fluid. There is still a long long way to go- but I love drawing people and am so grateful for my very patient family and friends.


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