4.1.2 Emphasising form with cloth

For a drawing emphasising form with cloth, I am sketching Andre watching TV in a baggy pyjamas, seated with a plain scarf thrown over his shoulder that is further curling down on the sofa. A4 with a soft pencil, keeping the marks very light


I need a LOT more practice to get a drawing like this right. The figure is very stiff and too long. But I quite like the pose and how it occupies the diagonal of the page. I think you can feel the baggy soft clothes and the scarf on the shoulder and arm too.

Tom by the piano in a baggy jumper and Ria curled up in a blanket:


Tom and Ria sharing a blanket and watching a movie:


I think the merging of the shapes of the figures and the cloth is getting better- the shapes are clearer and softer. The composition on the page here is not ideal as I started off sketching only Ria and then added Tom when he joined on the sofa. I enjoy the cozy feel of the drawing though.

Ria reading under a blanket:


Here you see the curled up body under the blanket well. I started up in the middle of the drawing with a little too generous scale though, so the right side got a little cramped. I have to plot out the whole first before drawing too detailed.

Ria wrapped in a blanket playing with her phone:


Here I focused on the shape instead of getting wrapped up in details of the face etc, and I think it worked better. I like the general triangle shape and the drawing fills the page well. Still a lot to learn about drawing cloth as well as figure but I already feel somewhat more confident.


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