4.1.1 Fabric and form

Drawing fabric using line and tone

Here I am throwing a piece of cloth over a chair and will make a pencil line drawing of it, looking at the shapes caused by the folds:


And in tone:


So obviously I was struggling with the chair- but I was also surprised at how difficult I found it to draw the cloth.

The theory behind folds and geometrical patterns:


Another go at line and tone:


The tone drawing is slowly starting to look like a cloth, but the line drawing is still far from it.

Some trials with various media:

I did NOT expect this exercise to be so difficult! I will continue with the course and keep returning to this fabric drawing.

Another look at fabric and folds:


Slowly getting there..


Mosquitonet and a thick blanket on my bed:


I believe you can see that the mosquitonet is thin and the blanket thick, but the folds of the blanket still don’t look good. I am really taken aback by how difficult this exercise is for me. I knew I would struggle with figure drawing- but cloth! How difficult can it be to draw some folds! Very apparently.

One more trial with a sheet rolled together on a stool.


This was a “found scene” that attracted me, but in hindsight it would be better to sketch a cloth with the ends sticking out- they give a lot of information about the shape. I think you can see the folds and surface, but it becomes a weird unidentifyable object here.

And now Clara- get on with the course! I seem to always get stuck on the first exercises of the chapter for far too long- time to move on !




















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