3.5.2 Study of a townscape using line

I should probably better NOT count how many grey hair this exercise has given me, and how many hours (days!!!) I have spent on it.

I started with this sketch in orange ink over two pages of my A5 sketchbook ( as the A4 sketchbooks are spiralbound and I preferred having this more uninterrupted image).


I chose this corner of buildings close to Praca de Principe Real in Lisbon, because their difference in height and character formed this quirky little corner that is a mini city in it’s own. The road to the left goes uphill and the one to the right downhill, a situation I was struggling with terribly to get the perspective right (ish). I was quite happy with this drawing despite all it’s imperfections, but thought I would try a more simple situation to develop into a bigger and more precise drawing.

Here I tried another part of Lisbon city, in Av de Liberdade, this time a long straight avenue, so easier to draw, but still an interesting view as the buildings are so different from different epochs. Also two pages of A5 with purple ink.



Finally I decided to go back to the first drawing (I know, I know….) and develop it into a more precise A3 line drawing in black Uniball pen. I decided to skip the row of parked cars along the pavement and focus on the buildings.



So I am glad no one was watching the process here, days and cups of tea later.. I am happy because before this course to draw anything like this would have been an impossibility . I am also frustrated to have spent so much time on a drawing that is not interesting to look at and at being so slow in getting perspective and drawing straight lines. I am also annoyed at having added that truck on the left at the last minute, so I will crop the drawing down to this:





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