3.4.3 Aerial or atmospheric perspective

Lisbon is a city built on seven hills, so to view  parts of the city from an aerial perspective is common. Here I decided to draw a view from the St Catharina platform, overlooking some rooftops towards the river Tejo, with an industrial site on the middle right and another settlement on the far side of the river.

A4, at first I lay out the shapes in pencil:



Then I work on the tonal gradation with charcoal sticks and sanguine pencils:


I felt quite happy with this drawing til logging it , then I noticed how the buildings on the horizon are still far too distinct and dark, so I erased them and reworked that part:


It is true that when letting the far distance become more foggy and disappearing into a mist, the feeling of depth is increased.

I think this drawing fulfills the brief of the exercise, but I am becoming increasingly bored with myself at drawing such predictable boring drawings.


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