3.4.1 Parallel perspective

3.4.1 Parallel perspective- an interior view

This week, I lived in an old Riad in the Medina of Marrakech. It was an absolutely perfect place to draw perspective, as all walls are tiled and there is an incredible diversity of geometrical patterns and lines to refer too.

Here is a view from the corridor through the bedroom door, on A4 with Uniball black pen (=no eraser!):


Although slightly wobbly, I think this is a quite accurate perspective drawing from observation.

Now I draw a perspective drawing with the ruler on top to check how accurate this is.


When using a ruler, it obviously becomes apparent that the receding lines of my drawing meet in all kinds of points and not in one single vanishing point. That said, I have understood the principles of perspective drawing so it is not as wrong as my “At home ” series from the previous part of the course- yay!

Here I will draw one more interior view through a door determining the vanishing point from the start and using the ruler. This is a view from the dining room in the middle courtyard towards a small salon.


This time I used pencils and eraser and a LOT of time :). It is not a drawing I would hang on the wall, but I am happy because I understood and learned somethings. It is not a way of drawing that comes easily to me -using a ruler 😦  but it is possible!



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