3.3.2 Foreground, Middleground, Background

For this exercise, I promised myself to remember this  picture by Gerhard Richter, Cow 13, from 1965 from my visit to the Stuttgart Staatsgalerie. I just think it is funny how the cow dominates the foreground.img_9742

This week I am working in a small apartment in the old town of Lisbon, and between writing emails, while I was pondering where I would find a cow, a sheep, or at least a dog for my foreground, this pigeon came and sat just outside my window, peeking in at me.

So there it was- my foreground- middleground- background idea just outside the window !

I started with two small drawings in my sketchbook to determine my viewpoint- more balcony and pigeon or more city?

I decided on a higher viewpoint so the balcony wouldn’t obstruct as much of the view.

Here is the A3 drawing with various graphite pencils and Conte sticks:


The pigeon became a little too illustrative again, but I think the clear detailed pigeon in the foreground, the tree and first houses in the middle ground and the fading city view in the background with less and less detail create a good sense of depth to the drawing as a whole.

Here I draw the same image in a quick pen sketch on a Lisbon city map that I covered with a thin layer of white acrylic:


I am not as happy with the drawing here, but I really liked drawing on a map and will look out for some more maps.




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