German contemporary landscape

Researching contemporary lanscape has brought me to discover a whole new range of artists that I had not heard about before, but whose art I find really inspiring.

I am in Germany right now, so I start by exploring what is happening in German contemporary landscape art.


I am fascinated by Gisela Krohn’s huge format oil paintings of trees. I have just been busy drawing trees in a rather boring way, and seeing how she explores the subject in an explosion of life and colour definitely opens up new paths.

The paintings are like a close up of a part of the forest that is continuing over the edges of the canvas. I love the play of light with the depth that adds, and how such a quiet still scene comes alive with dynamism and movement through vibrant colours. I also find that  although beautiful, it is not overly sweet or romantic, there is a wide range of emotions here.

Gisela Krohn mainly paints trees and forest, but some water and waterfalls too recently. They remind me more of an impressionist approach and I feel less touched than by the tree paintings.


Giselakrohnde. 2016. Giselakrohnde. [Online]. [5 November 2016]. Available from:


I was not immediately charmed by the landscape paintings by Hans Jorg Holubitschka. They seem rather straightforward and kitschy, with light blue sky and rivers and green grass. But then I read and realized that they are fantasy landscapes, montages between several places at once and playing with our preconceived ideas about how a landscape should look. There is this strong feeling of deja-vu, of already having seen that precise landscape on a postcard, but then that falls apart upon closer inspection.

This is not a way I would like to draw, but I like the idea of the fantasy landscape and will play with that for the landscape exercises.

Galeriewittenbrinkde. 2016. Galeriewittenbrinkde. [Online]. [5 November 2016]. Available from:


Kim Reuter’s drawings and paintings are maybe not strictly lansdcapes-most often they contain persons or signs of persons like bicycles or a boat, and in many works these are the main subjects rather than the landscape. Her current exhibition that will be traveling through many German towns over the next months is called “Quiet time”, and that is really the feeling I get from her beautiful art work- quiet, peace, harmony. There is a simplicity in the scenes, in the colours and in the stories she tells that is very quietly beautiful.

From discovering this artist I carry with me the idea to incorporate humans and more storytelling in the landscape drawings.

Kimreuterde. 2016. Kimreuterde. [Online]. [5 November 2016]. Available from:


Peter Thol extends the concept of landscape to urban landscapes as well, and sometimes to details like a red roof. I like that surprising choice of subject most of all, a random crossing with cars, a roof that attracts your attention. I also really liked discovering his still life paintings with objects placed plainly on a neutral background, like blouses on hangers, cutlery or here, a red paperbag closely cropped. His more traditional landscape paintings are very calm and beautiful , but I find them less interesting.

Copyright by peter thol. 2016. Petertholde. [Online]. [7 November 2016]. Available from:


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