Francis Bacon. Invisible rooms

This weekend, I visited the exhibition “Francis Bacon. Invisible rooms” in Staatsgalerie Stuttgart, Germany. Francis Bacon is such a well known artist, that his paintings lingered vaguely somewhere in my memory, but it was the first time that I really looked into his work.

The exhibition contained a large number of huge paintings and some smaller drawings .

I find this rather difficult to write, as Francis Bacon is such a respected artist, but I have a really hard time appreciating his art. I find much of it rather repulsive, but then not repulsive enough to really make me feel. There is a dark undertone to all the mutilated views of humans and flesh, despair and fear in the screams, the open mouths of anguish, the faces that drip away in a wash. And somewhere I can see the genius in there. I  do not only appreciate art that is all beauty and fairytales, I want it to make me feel dark feelings too. But there is something in this esthetic that passes me by, I can not appreciate it.

I did find interesting the way Francis Bacon divides the picture plane with squares, or various geometrical forms, cages and the way he thereby places the subject in the room. This is something to experiment with.


He also paints many works in triptychs, which I really liked and will experiment with as well- remembering to draw in little series.

A picture of the artists studio:


There were several pictures of the studios through the exhibition, all extremely chaotic. This chaos helped Francis Bacon see parts of reality more clearly.

I enjoyed the small drawings and sketches on various scrap papers or letters or in books and have already started sketching more on random papers- this seems to be a recurring theme right now.

Accompanying the exhibition was a 55 min movie with an interview of the artist, that left me just as untouched. I will be curious to go back to this artist a little later in my studies and check if some new understanding has emerged.



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