3.2.3 360 ‘ studies

My artist friend Ellen and I climbed a beautiful hill outside of Castelnuovo di Porto, Italy, today for our 360 degree studies. It was absolutely wonderful to share this outdoors sketching experience with a friend. Mostly sketching is a very solitary path for me, and to reconnect with a dear friend while getting along with the course was simply perfect. Ellen usually paints big abstract oil canvases , or works in collage, and she had not sketched anything like this for the last 20 years, but decided to come along and try out the exercise.

The view on top of the hill was incredible in all directions. We both did four sketches in four directions in various soft pencils. We tried to draw quickly , but needed more than 15 minutes for every sketch. I used an A4 sketchbook and filled the whole page. Ellen used a much larger square sketchbook and drew a small rectangle on the page where she did a small drawing. In the end I was quite jealous because her small framed sketches looked so much better than my filled pages. I will try this technique of using different frames on the page instead of just using the whole page in future.


I captured the shapes in the landscape quite well, but all the drawings are lacking in contrast and depth.

It was a good exercise to see how many different views I could draw by just changing my viewpoint, and also how incredibly different we could sketch the same landscape with just a slight difference in position. I can understand the fascination of going back to the same place and sketching it over and over again.


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