3.2.2 Sketchbook walk

3.2.2 Sketchbook walk

Now that I have finally gotten started on this exercise, I realize to what extent I was dreading it and dragging along in the course to avoid it 🙂 It seemed like repeating the disaster of the “At home ” exercise but this time in public 🙂

I am in Lisbon now and I just LOVE so many corners of this charming city, all the little crooked lanes with cobble stone and tiled houses, with lots of hills, stairs, different interesting levels and angles, so IF I would feel confident in sketching from life, this is just a dream setting!

And to my surprise , after fiddling with my phone and pens and changing position till it was getting ridiculous, once I got started, this wasn’t so scary at all!

A4 sketch pad, pencil and NO ERASER! (ok , just once….)

Lisbon, Rua des Chagas, Start 9.30 am, end 2 days later. This is a view I walk past every day I am here.


This is definitely not exact or correct, but it DOES look like the place I was trying to draw, which already feels like a huge achievement.

What I definitely missed here was the “quick” element, the “taking note” character of the exercise. Drawing cobbled stones in detail is definitely not the right path to that.

So here a new trial, this time in Uniball black pen, much quicker and definitely no eraser. It is the same streetcorner, but a different view.


Here the element of “taking notes” is much more true.I like the more spontaneous character that gives to the drawings. I think I solved the cobble stone issue well- you can still recognize the stones but it is still a quick sketch.

I love the new possibilities of taking notes from reality this opens and will continue this exercise through the chapter.

Second sketchbook walk: Italian countryside

After a hectic travel and meeting week, I arrived to Castelnuovo di Porto, Italy ,where my dear friend and artist Ellen Strasser has her studio. What an incredibly beautiful , peaceful place! I enjoyed the autumn sun, the peace and the beauty of the landscape by taking a sketchbook walk.


A4 and blue ink. I used a “scribbly”, loose technique to avoid getting lost in detail, which I think worked really well.  I think I captured the feel of this place well. It is beautiful and spacious with lots of olive trees, but it is a rather a residential area, which is why I decided to include an element of human presence in every part of the sketchbook walk.

Sketchbookwalk Marrakech

This week I was in Marrakech for the COP22 Conference. It was my first time in Marrakech, and I loved it! I could have sketched every corner of the city- it is just so beautiful and special and oldfashioned and modern and colourful and dirty- everything at the same time. It reminded me of being in India, and I feel somewhat relieved to discover that something as different and chaotic as Marrakech is just one hour flight away from Lisbon. Here is a collection of small quick sketches around the city.


I wish I had had much more time for sketching while there…. but I also feel that something loosened up while doing these small and quick sketches, a fear dissipated and I felt really comfortable drawing any corner around me. This is a new and freeing feeling!




One thought on “3.2.2 Sketchbook walk

  1. You really do this taking notes and making sketches really well. The exact perspective lines are irrelevant as you’ve captured the feel of the different textures. Although you said the detailed one of the cobblestone wasn’t what you were wanting to achieve, I think it’s great😀

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