3.1.3 Study of several trees

I had the idea of going out of the city for this exercise, but as this didn’t happen for a long time, I decided to look at some of the city parks instead.  In the “Jardim da Cerca da Graca” I found this group of orange trees that appealed to me.It is a quite big park with a playground, a small cafe and seems to be a major meeting point for dogs. I love the idea to have a group of orange trees close to the playground.

Pastel pencils on A4:


This drawing became too illustrative again, and too flat and boring too, but it was a good exercise in simplifying the forms.

A day in the beautiful country side of Alentejo- finally!  I decided to draw this peaceful corner of olive trees, again on A4 with dry pastels. I have discovered that I really like to use pastels as a colour media when drawing outside.


This is the original drawing, but I then decided to crop the stone in the front to have all the focus on the trees.


I prefer this drawing to the orange tree one, mainly because of the different layers of depth- from the branch and fence in front, over the trees to the far background. I also like that the trees all have more different shapes. It is still quite childish and illustrative though, something that “keeps happening” and I would like to get away from.

When reading the instructions for drawing outside I had a little smile at the warnings of bringing hats or warm clothes and overheated or cold, because it seemed just too obvious, but then found myself ice cold and shivering more than the leaves in the wind after sitting still and focused for far too long in the humid autumn air.

Italy ! I have discovered a love for drawing the precise tidy rows of trees growing on top of the hills. I am using only a black Uniball pen, or a large black felt pen here for a very simplified drawing looking at the composition of the groups of trees in the landscape.


I like the extreme simplification of these clear drawings.

As a contrast – here is a more chaotic view of various groups of trees in pencils, drawn from the terrace of the house I am staying in tonight.


I tried showing depth through foreground, middleground and background here, but I think the general feel got quite chaotic instead.


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