3.1.1 Sketching individual trees

It is a little ironic that I have just left my tree filled surroundings in Bali to live in a flat in a city, Lisbon, in time for this exercise- sketching trees.  But it will do me good to have to find and focus on trees here and not only feel overwhelmed by city life!

This weekend I did a too short excursion to the nearby park Monsanto and did some first trials with a white eucalyptus tree.

I have decided to explore the cork tree instead- the soubreiro, because it is the most typical tree of Portugal for me, and it is also the nickname of my partner ( it sounds better in Portuguese) 🙂

First soubreiro trials:


This exercise calls for 4 different views:

  • Draw a simple outline of the tree’s overall shape.
  • Draw basic shapes in outline, or shaded areas that describe how the foliage forms in different masses around the tree.
  • Draw the outlines of the trunk and the main branches of the tree that you can see.
  • Draw with lots of scribbled outlines or shade roughly to try and indicate something of the texture of the foliage.

Here I divided my A4 sketchbook page into 4 frames to draw these 4 version of the same soubreiro tree:


It is true that I already feel somewhat more confident in drawing a tree. I look forward to look more at the details in the following exercises.

More drawings of individual trees:

The olive tree- Umbertine, Italy:



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