2.3.3 Material differences

There are two main things characterizing my little house – colours and the proximity to plants, so although I chose a more contained space to draw- looking onto the wall instead of out to the garden- colours and plants had to be present.

I chose the vertical composition from the previous exercise, with my sofa full of pillows, a high pile of extra cushions that can be laid out in a circle around the table or folded out to lie down on, a corner of the table in front of it with a Shiva statue and a candle holder a corner of a hammock, and of course plenty of plants around.

You see the outer wall of the garden with a small wooden fence on top. The hole in the wall in the back goes to the neighbours, because I only have a small “housetemple” that is obviously not enough for all the Gods of this religious island, but luckily my neighbours have a big housetemple, so problem solved- there is a space in the wall to the neighbours garden so the Gods can walk through freely. ( Just as a little note because I love the peculiar stories of this magical island, so far from my Western beliefs).


A3 mixed media paper from Canson ( but why do they have to stamp their brand name all along the edge?) The wall, the front table and the concrete floor in watercolour, then the more colourful cushions and details with oil pastels because I love the luminosity of those colours. The plants were drawn in Uniball pen and then coloured with watercolour. I tried to smudge the oil pastel on one pillow, but decided to leave this more “childish” “crayon like” effect of not smudging.

Its not a really good drawing, but it definitely feels like my house- a little crooked and not so perfect but colorful and full of pillows and greens 🙂


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