Yann Kebbi b. 1987

Yann Kebbi is a French artist and illustrator, born in 1987. He lives and works in Paris. He has participated in many international exhibitions as well as creating illustrations for many major international newspapers and magazines like The New Yorker and GQ among many others. He has also published four books, the last one called AMERICANINE, A Haute Dog in New York, 2015.

The following illustrations are  made up til 2015 and downloaded from: Blogspotpt. 2016. Blogspotpt. [Online]. [11 July 2016]. Available from: http://yannkebbi.blogspot.pt

Some newer works after 2015, from http://www.yannkebbi.fr, drawings or ink or etching:

Colourful, dynamic, scribbled, quick sketches with interesting angles and often surprising differences in proportion. A lot of humour! Shapes overlapping or transparent. What I mostly want to learn from looking at these illustrations is the free, flowing, spontaneous character, no fear of “mistakes” . I would like to learn to keep this unpolished, dynamic character of the drawings and will experiment in this direction.



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