Patrick Caulfield (1936–2005)

Patrick Caulfield (1936–2005)

Artnetcom. 2016. Artnetcom. [Online]. [11 July 2016]. Available from:

 “Patrick Caulfield was an English painter and printmaker associated with the Pop Art movement, known for bold images created in a strikingly graphic style. Employing references to Photorealism, his paintings are characterized by their flat planes of color and cartoonish black outlines, creating an uncomfortable ambiguity between the real and the illusionary.”


Tateorguk. 2016. Tate. [Online]. [11 July 2016]. Available from:

Patrick Caulfield was mentioned in the Drawing 1 coursebook in regard to positive/negative space. It is interesting to see how reduced the still life can be, now that I am in the middle of this “intimacy” chapter. I always look for too much detail and too complicated compositions.  Here the image is reduced to the shape, a bold outline and negative space. This will be an inspiration for simplicity .


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