Ginny Grayson b. 1967

I simply love to discover the drawings of artist Ginny Grayson. They have this unpolished, unfinished character that express everything so simply. The mood and expression of the  humans or animal becomes clear, although we rarely see a detailed face. Some have a line through the faces, others are covered by a mask, an arm casually thrown over or a scribble , others just leave the face off the margin of the paper.

Ginny Grayson was born in 1967 in New Zealand and is currently teaching in Melbourne.

Her website offers little detail about her life, but a very very impressive list of exhibitions she has taken part in.

These are some of her drawings from her website as well:

There is a slight melancholy , or poetic character to many images.

Ginny Grayson: “Of all my drawings, my preference has always been for the works that at first glance look more like a smudge or pile of dust – then the form emerges, slowly becoming recognisable. I have come to see this, as related to an instinctual desire for the subject to simultaneously be there and yet not there; to somehow be emerging and receding at the same time. Like many artists, I’m equally attracted to ‘abstraction’ and representation, and the tension that lies in the space between.” from the exhibition ‘Eyes still move when they’re closed…’ 2011.

Ginnygraysoncom. 2016. Ginnygraysoncom. [Online]. [11 July 2016]. Available from:


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