Pinakotek der Moderne


Just beside Museum Brandhorst with the Cy Twombly exhibition is the Pinakotek der Moderne for Art, Graphics, Architecture and Design from this Century.

I visited the Modern Art floor- divided into Classical Modernism with works by amongst many many others Francis Bacon, Kandisky, Nolde, Matisse, Munch, Braque , Picasso, Dali, Magritte and Miro- and Contemporary Art with works by Warhol, de Kooning and Twombly etc.

Exploring ” Intimacy” now in Part 2,  I was particularly happy to discover three small still life by Georgio Morandi from 1959/60.

The motives were all some various shapes of bottles in a quiet, calm composition. Although the composition is very simple with a plain background and foreground, Morandi still managed to convey a sense of much depth. The colours are earth tones and almost monochromatic, with one of the objects standing out gently in  another colour. No clear outlines, only a shift in tones between object and background or between objects.

One interesting discovery when seeing the paintings I know from reproductions online live is how the differences in size work, often I had no idea of the real size of the paintings. If the Cy Twombly were working massively by their sheer huge size and the Morandis were inviting to a quiet intimate contemplation by being small, I was surprised and a little disappointed at how small Paul Klees works are.


Having just researched Cubism I was delighted to see both Pablo Picasso’s “Woman with Violin ” from 1911, and George Braque’s “Woman with Mandolin “from 1910 hanging beside each other. I definitely have to have another go at drawing a Cubist drawing- the flower i drew captures just a small part of the idea- the multi perspective by the cubes- but the repetition of the same lines reappearing all over the canvas multiplying the same objects is a key. Also all the cubist paintings displayed here have a quite specific earth tone- brown yellow ochra colour palette and were darker , less colorful than I had thought.
images(George Braque here)
From Henri Matisse, I saw only Still life with Geranium from 1910. I am hoping to see some more works by Henri Matisse later in France, hopefully some of the later paintings  or cut outs.

Rene Magritte’s “the Key of dreams ” from 1927 is an interesting still life. The canvas is divided into four parts depicting four objects on black background with captions or titles- a bag with the text “le ciel” ( the sky), a knife with the text ” l’ oiseau” ( the bird), a leaf ” la table” ( the table) and a sponge with text ” l’ eponge” ( sponge), so out of the four only one is associated with a word same as the object depicted. The painting of a leaf is not a leaf just as the word leaf is not a leaf. I liked the little jump the mind takes looking at this. Something to possibly explore more in the still life assignment as well.


A whole room was dedicated to Georg Baselitz huge paintings with explosive motives in explosive colours looking like if they hang upside down.  I felt only overwhelmed here but possibly by being generally oversaturated by the amount of art I had seen previously this same day- so i will take another look at Georg Baselitz work online before writing more.

Cy Twombly was represented with two older paintings than the ones I just saw in Museum Brandhorst:” Bolsena “from 1969 and “New York City ” from 1968. Lots of seemingly random scribbles of letters and geometrical symbols on white or black background, many layers, painted , overpainted with white or black. Compared to the later works I just saw, it looked a little like the backgrounds only. The colourful more illustrative elements were missing and the running paint.

This was a very full and beautiful day seeing so much art in originals- I felt exhausted and happy and just so inspired to do and explore and experiment. I am always a little wary of coming back to Europe and feel like a fish out of water- but the possibility of seeing all this art is so tempting now. I will visit some museum or gallery everywhere on my route and am very excited about all the possibilities!


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