Cy Twombly- Museum Brandhorst

When I wrote some research on Cy Twombly for Part 1 just a couple of months ago I ended by wishing to see some of his works live some day. And see- unbelievable – I travelled through Munich yesterday and had the opportunity to visit an incredible Cy Twombly exhibition in Museum Brandhorst.Museum Brandhorst

It was a truly beautiful experience. The size, the vibrancy, the depth of his paintings, the colors- what a difference to be able to stand in front of the actual paintings and not only seeing reproductions.

The huge room containing his 12 paintings “Lepanto”  from 2001 inspired by a naval conflict touched me the most. The motives seem so lightly hastily scribbled, covered by white, scribbled again, paint dripping along the canvas, layers and layers, some words and patches of explosions of colour.

Sadness, fear, anxiety, marvel, admiration- all coursing through me. So light and so deep, so clear and so covered- so hastily almost carelessly painted and then such a perfect just incredibly beautiful painting. Also the play between some calmer blue paintings with the shapes of the boats more recognizable and some dominantly red and orange where the boats are maybe seen from above- colours explosive in red and winered  and orange.

Another room displayed the two huge paintings Bacchus- fiercely red and active, a swirl, a fiery dance. I marvel at the strength of my emotions following the swirls the power, the dance the fire – just sitting between these canvases and letting myself react.


And then- huge roses! Beauty! Colours so intense and vibrant, and some words like poetry in between. So very very beautiful, also so many layers , the backgrounds alive with words crossed out, painted over, filled in again.

I want to try and play more with the back grounds of my next sketches in this way, using words and creating layers.
All in all what an inspiring experience- i want to sketch and paint and start right now!
And also read the book ” ” by as I am stumbling at a loss for words here to describe this experience.

All photos of artworks by Hayday Koyupinar and copyright Cy Twombly Foundation from


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