1.2 Ex 3: Lines and Marks

Exercise 3: Creating shadow using lines and marks

As simple single objects to study shadow, I chose a small square cardboard box and a toilet roll, to look at both a square and a round surface.

For both drawings, I used 4 different media: pencil 6B, ink, fine liner pen and black crayon and draw the objects 4 times on the same page. The light is clearly from one side.


I focus on showing the 3 dimensionality of the object through the shadow using crisscrossing lines, and hatching in different lengths and density.

Here I add a tea light for a small composition with the same purpose:


Here I use only a fine liner pen and focus on showing the three dimensionality of the objects through the different marks.

Here another version with two glass jars, one rather square and one round in shape. I use a 3B pencil, then smudge parts and pick up the highlights with the rubber.


The shapes here are not ideal. I did not focus so much on the outlines as on the rendering of the shape through the shadow. I still need to practice the shapes though..






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