1.2 Ex 4 Shadows and reflected light

Exercise 4: Shadows and reflected light

I am having a hardtime finding attractive reflective objects.
Obviously I could go to glasses or glassbottles, but I fear the transparency will add a level of difficulty I am not ready to tackle yet. Also I know how tricky spoons can be… I am not even sure I would have more luck at home. I come to realize I am more the “ceramics” and “color” type than chrome.
Here at last I found a set of small polished metal chai cups- and a big mixing bowl with an attractive shape. I am afraid the bowl and the cups are too far from each other in size to work well in a composition, so I will start using only the cups.


A3 paper, a black Conte stick, a putty eraser and some tissue to smudge. I am having a hard time with the shapes, more than with the reflections , I think. And the composition is really boring. The objects should at least touch:


I think the tones and reflections work, but there is still an issue of composition- here two objects floating on the expanse of a white paper. I will crop the images- this is how close I should have drawn them at least:


And maybe even swopped them around so the darker corner is bottom right:


Here I am playing a little with a more complex composition, a stack of cups and two more on the side with different angles:


Here I captured some more depth with the last cup in the background. But the previous drawings showed the reflective surface better.

I decide to try to combine the cup with the bowl, although the differences in size and shape feel really too much:


It really works much better than I thought. The composition is immediately more dramatic , and the bowl just has more surface to show the reflection. Again I am unhappy with the large unused right side of the page. Here I try cropping the image and swopping sides too:


Well in any case it is getting more interesting. Now I try to place a cup inside of the bowl:


Here I changed for an A4 paper because it just has more tooth than the A3, but I feel the more glossy surface of the A3 actually shows the reflective surface better, it looks more “metallic”.

Another more daring composition, also on A4:


This is the first drawing that actually fills the whole page and has a working composition without cropping the page. I wish I had logged these drawings one by one instead of waiting til I had a high pile and done the same boring mistake with the composition day after day. There are some things I only notice now when logging them:)

Although the shapes are still far from perfect, I like the depth and also the surface of this last drawing. It shows well that the surface is reflective.



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