1.2 Ex 2 Blocks of tone

Exercise 2: Observing shadow using blocks of tone

Unfortunately I just skipped and skillfully ignored this exercise while traveling- i think because i started with two soda cans that got so wrong shape wise that I deviated into studying  ellipses, and then just blissfully forgot to go back to this part.
So now I feel quite pressured with time. But obviouly I have the advantage of having a house full of things to draw so finding two pale objects is easy. And my big tabletop to work on!


I start with two simple white bowls in different sizes, lets say this is just a warm up that I am not particularly happy with:

I want to pick some more interesting shapes and choose this  teapot and a cup, because I have missed my teatime with them while on the road, and also because it was among the first objects I sketched for Foundation drawing and it was terribly terribly difficult and crooked- so this is a good way for me to check in on my skills 🙂

And then I DO understand the idea of sketching blocks of tone and not start with the outlines of the objects- but of course I do just that anyway. First its just a way of checking that it will fit well on the paper, and then checking the shapes, ellipses here.. And see there- it already a drawing of outlines before I start working on the tones. But obviously i did not stop .
The shapes are not perfect , but they are just so very much more perfect than one year ago- so that makes me really happy. Working on the tones is not difficult, it is just requiring time and patience. A lot of time!
Shading, smudgeing, erasing, shading, smudging, erasing. I am quite messy and have to erase again and again. Then fill in the darkest parts again.


Finally I am happy with the tones and feel done. This is where I notice that that the composition is really boring AGAIN. And I did NOT fill the entire sheet. Here again two objects floating on a white page. I have worked with composition in so many different ways for so long- in interiors, in Photography, in marketing tools , so in essence it is something I feel confident with. So what part of the brain just shuts down when it is about to draw something more “technical” like this? Hmm. Next drawing I will cheat by taking pictures before ,so that if I spend two hours shading it will not look this disappointing.

It could be something more like these cropped versions:



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