Exercise 2: Texture

Texture: Frottage

For Exercise 2 , I decide to first explore texture through frottage. I started with drawing paper, but found the kind I have too thick to show details of the texture, so I shifted to baking paper that is much thinner and allows more of the underlying object to come through. I used a charcoal stick.


I used different leaves from the garden, a stick, a woven basket, a loaf of bread, a frozen lamb chop, coins, and a 2000Rp bill, wood, a crumpled paper, lettuce, basil for different textures:

I found this very useful in seeing how the texture looks on paper . Based on this I think it will be easier to draw different textures- it was a good exercise.

Here a few more trials with thinner drawing paper and a 2B pencil:

wood, a knitted pattern, a feather and a massagebrush




Here I go back too take a closer look at textures through drawing, not frottage. I study the surface of a coconut, an almond, a crumpled little paperbag and the scratched surface of my waterbottle.


I am quite happy with the nuts, but the paperbag and waterbottle do not look like anything recognizable!

Here I switch to a charcoal pen to draw a rough linen cloth and a smoother crumpled cottoncloth:


The linen worked really well, but the cotton cloth could be anything from a plastic bag, a sheet of paper or a cloth. Have to look into how to differentiate.

Some studies of wooden surface with the same black charcoal stick:


My friend visiting me here in my temporary little abode in Thailand brought GREEN INK and a metal feather to draw with it. I am so happy- this is amazing and so much fun!! So far I have only used black ink with a brush- this opens up a whole new world of possibilities! I love how detailed I can draw with this new tool and how many shades of green I can achieve.

A feather:


The rough surface of my very used bathroom cleaning sponge:


Here I continue to use the beautiful green gold ink with both a brush and a feather to study the surface textures of some little stones and a piece of coral found .



Also a shell and another type of coral. I am fascinated by the diversity of shades and effects I can produce with the ink, but find it difficult to control the tones . I am definitely happy to experiment more though- ink is a fascinating media for me.


I have realized that I always just sketch in lines, very rarely with any surface at all and plan to experiment more with surface and texture.

I would love to explore the human skin more… lets see if there will be time for everything I have in mind now- this opens up so many new ways of drawing!



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